Our Jazz Ensemble

The Glenelg Jazz Ensemble 2019

The Glenelg Jazz Ensemble has earned a reputation for extraordinary musicianship, both domestically and abroad, for more than four decades.  The tradition continues with this year's program maintaining remarkable levels of quality and achievement. 

A young Barry Enzman

A young Barry Enzman thinks about starting the greatest jazz tradition in Howard County history.


The Glenelg Jazz Ensemble is born


At the Montreux Jazz Festival in  Switzerland 


At the Columbia Lakefront

With Deanna Bogart

At JUTS with Deanna Bogart 


JUTS 2015

Jazz Ensemble in Myrtle Beach

Competing in Myrtle Beach

Jazz Ensemble in costume

The Spring Jazz Concert is always done in  costume.

Trophies from Orlando

Bringing home first place trophies from a competition in Florida. (The whole music department participated.)

JUTS 2018

JUTS 2018

Jazz Ensemble performing in Germany

At Jazz Haus in Freiburg, Germany  2018


They are the Band. Jazz Band.

Our Leader


Under Chris Winters’ direction, the Glenelg Jazz Ensemble has won awards in South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Additionally, they traveled the US and Europe fascinating audiences at the Rochester International Jazz Festival; the Jazz Haus in Freiburg, Germany; Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival; as well as Jazz à Vienne and Jazz à Juan in France.


Chris Winters has led the Glenelg bands since 2015. He is a Glenelg graduate and was a member of the Jazz Ensemble under former director Barry Enzman, who led the band for over 40 years. 


During Chris’ time as a student in the jazz ensemble, the strong and talented group caught the attention of jazz legend Maynard Ferguson who featured the band in an educational video.